There comes a time


When you decide to walk away from all the drama and the people who created or brought the drama into your life and that’s when your journey begins. If you were the reason for the drama, then right now is your opportunity to change it all by deciding to change you.

Your words, your thoughts and your actions matter. Choose them wisely. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and who seriously love you for who you are – YOU!

Refuse to let the hurts, disappointments and the bad events in your life to take away your opportunity to enjoy being alive today. If you are depending on someone else to make you happy, then you can only be happy when they allow it. Own your happiness and choose to be happy based on YOU.

It’s ok to allow people to make you happier but you must own your own happiness. When you understand that you are in control of your happiness, then and only then, will you understand that you can have happiness and joy at any time you want. No matter what your circumstance might be.

Don’t focus on the bad memories of life but do focus on the good ones. LOVE and respect the people who treat you right. Love them unconditionally and always be willing to forgive in advance.

A simple note, text, or call to them saying, “I appreciate you” can make all the difference to them and to you.

Pray for the ones who haven’t treated you right in the past. Allow your tears of yesterday and today to wash away your disappointments and hurts. It’s ok to cry it out but the goal is to move on from this point in a positive way.

Choose to celebrate YOUR life starting today. I have always shared my quote – “If you’re willing to do what others won’t, you will have, achieve, become and experience what others never will – Dr H”.

Take a deep breath as you prepare to mend your heart, mind, spirit and life. Repeat these actions until you start to breath normal again, to think rational again and you begin to believe again especially in yourself.

Life is too short for you to not be moving forward creating your own happiness. Falling is a part of life, getting back up is the key. Ask God to help you be a better YOU from now on and take His advice to heart by applying His life principles daily. Cherish every moment that life has to offer and never take for granted the ones who are in your life right now. Take the time to thank GOD for them every day. Pray for God to use you to help inspire the desire for happiness in them.

When you become a better YOU, then everyone around you will hopefully become a better them. Decide that you will not be bitter but that you will be better. A word of belief, or a word of “I am there with you” can go a long way in keeping people on FIRE. You must pour into yourself and into people, in order to have Big Thinking, Big Belief, Big Vision, Big Future, Big Life.

Remind people that success and happiness is a journey and not a slot machine. It takes consistent effort over time to get long lasting results that people so desire in their lives. You must constantly say the four most powerful words in life to all that you want to inspire: “I believe in you.”

Look into a mirror, take a good look and say, “I believe in you”
Look into a mirror, take a good look and say, “I love me”
Look into a mirror, take a good look and say, “I’ve got this

Deut. 1:10-11 kjv,
It’s our desire, “That God will bless you 1000 x’s more from right where you are.”

Ps 3:5-6 Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

3 Keys:
(1) Trust (2) Lean not (3) Acknowledge