Hi this Is Dr H, I wanted to check in and see how you are doing? I haven’t talked to you in a while and wanted to catch up.  Do you have a moment to chat?

Get them talking about what has been going on with them, don’t over run them!

Normally after someone finishes catching you up on what they have been up to, they normally by nature will ask you what you have been up to. You have to be patient when they are telling you what they have been up to reach this moment.

This is your chance to let them know you just started working with another company that you were so fortunate to have had the chance of a lifetime to be partnered up with a couple of the biggest guys in the home-based business industry.

What’s even more amazing is that these gentlemen have made over seven hundred thousand dollars a month, that’s right you heard me seven hundred thousand a month!

How would you like to have 1% of that a month coming into your household?

I know an extra few thousand a month around my household certainly has helped a lot!

I have hoped and prayed that the day would come when I would not only get the opportunity to work with the best, but to learn what it is that the top 1% do to make substantial amounts of money in this industry.

I feel like I have been given the key to Fort Knox working with these masters of the industry.

You know what I found to be the primary reason why 99% of people in relationship marketing don’t make the type of money they want, or need is based on a few things.

  1. They aren’t positioned with the key leaders that make the big money
  2. They don’t have the proper support and understanding of how to build a home-based business because they sign up with other people like themselves that are struggling to try to make it work for them.
  3. They get signed up with a company that doesn’t have the best interest of the field rep in mind! It’s usually always about the owners getting rich and everybody else gets very little if anything at all other than a bill for their monthly auto ship. Been there and done that!

I will tell ya one thing that has changed for me is that the company I am working with now has the most unique thing I have ever seen in my life that protects people like us from that happening.

This company created the first of its kind Bill Of Rights to protect the people in the field from getting duped by changes made to pay plans without any say from the reps in the field.

It’s in my contract and anybody I partner up with that the company cannot change any of the pay plan or any major alteration to the company that would de-rail the reps in the field without it being voted on by the field representative’s.

That was one of the primary things that immediately attracted me to this business outside of the products and the amazing leaders I have been paired up with.

I used to have so much hope in building a wonderful home-based business over the years where I would have residual income coming in regardless of if I went to work every day or not.

That had been shattered so many times that I really started to wonder if there was anything out there that I could trust would serve me the way I wanted and needed it to.

Low and behold that moment has arrived and I’m climbing to the top of the highest mountain to shout out to the people below that there is a way out and to follow me!

If it’s been the same old thing around your household not having any extra money to do the things you would like to do as it had been in my household, it’s uplifting to hear there is a way out.

I really think it would really be worth a five-minute call to let you meet one of these amazing people to hear what got me so jazzed up.

Hang on let me get one of them or set up a time that works best for you.