Dr. Rickey Honea also known as Dr H has been performing public speaking for over 35 plus years. Dr H and Lady Karin know what it takes to reach people with life-changing messages. Whether it is an anti-drug program, a community awareness theme, or a corporate event, Whatever is needed, Dr H and Lady Karin delivers the message with a clear and dynamic style that audiences love to attend and participate.

Dr H has pastored the same church “College Heights Baptist Church” also known as Love you in the Lord ministries out of Lubbock Texas since 1986 until present. He now offers his services to as a Texas chaplain.

Dr H has appeared on several television news talk shows and has been accredited for the death-defying stunt “DEATH WISH 3.”  The entire stunt was televised. Dr H also made a forty-foot crane appear in broad daylight on a Las Vegas NV Parking Lot in front of a live crowd. Dr H has performed all over this great country and in Canada.

Thousands across America from all types of organizations have enjoyed the extraordinary performances of Dr H’s shows:

* Presents clear solutions to today’s challenges
* Produces positive results and good decisions
* Challenges the group to responsible action
* Re-enforces the program theme and values
* Fills events as a full community outreach

Dr H has a Doctorate degree in Theology from Salt Lake Baptist College. He has been a pastor for over 30 plus years. He is also a singer, songwriter, musician, magician, author, evangelist, motivational speaker, Key-note speaker, lecturer, teacher, Life coach, public speaker, and Multi-Media Chalk Artist with The Fires Within, personal trainer, life coach, web designer, network marketer, Massage Therapist Instructor, Massage Therapist, Massage Therapist CEU Provider, Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotist Trainer, and Dr H owned his own Internet company for over 12 years Dr H has been a motivational speaker and trainer to several MLM companies throughout his career.

He owns and operates BYIHypnosis And BYIMassageBeyond Your Imagination, Rick’s World Of Illusion, Ricks Magic, and he is the founder of the Fellowship of Christian Hypnotists. Owns Being Healthy Is A Choice, Promotes He is married to Lady Karin Honea.

Karin Honea, known as Lady Karin, has been a successful businesswoman and a model for over 20+ years. She was “woman of the year” in the Atlanta Entrepreneur, modeling instructor, make-up artist, photographer, network marketer, leadership trainer, massage therapist, and now Has her own esthetician business: …

She is co-owner and stage manager for Rick’s MagicBeyond Your Imagination Hypnosis Show. She is a Sunday school teacher and educator. She is married to DR H.