You are your own ARTIST of your life and business:

You are the Michelangelo of your life. What you mentally paint in your subconscious and what you speak, is what appears on the daily canvas of your life. Decide now to take full ownership.

If you don’t like the picture that you have painted of you, your life and your business… then repaint your belief system and your daily actions. Stay away from negativity and procrastination.

Live your story. Stay away from making excuses. Decide to be a heat seeking missile just looking for a target. Make sure the target you are shooting for is what you really want or need in your life. Only shoot for things that create “better” in your life now, not worse.

Remember: People who only want the best, buy by “value” and not just by price. If what you’re marketing is of extreme health value to you and to others, then people will want what you have. All you have to do is care enough for others to share your story with your own real passion and honesty. Integrity is everything.

People always follow the path of least resistance. Until that changes nothing else changes. When people say I quit, or it doesn’t work for me… I often reply with honesty…. You never really got started… you never really went all out… give yourself a chance and actually start today.

Net = the system, products and tools in place

WORK = what you have to do to succeed

Marketing = is what we do to share information with those who want or need the info we share

If someone says they hate network marketing what they are really saying… is that they were disappointed in the results that they thought they would have achieved without doing
the Net — the WORK — The Marketing.

I pray this short note will inspire you to not give up on YOU. Don’t give up on the real possibility to achieve your dreams.

Today: Decide that you want more, that you want better and that you will become the person that you have always wanted to be. Achieve more!

I Challenge you to watch the videos on my website at:

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Love you all

Dr H & Lady Karin Honea