If you are willing to do what others won’t, you will have, achieve become and experience what others never will – DR H


“There are no limits to what you can achieve when you are 100% all in and willing to give it your all. .” – Dr H 


7 Things I wish I had learned earlier:

1. Being alone doesn’t make you lonely…
Being surrounded by the wrong people does.

2. You cannot heal in the same environment that hurt you…
If you want to heal change your environment.

3. Never ignore the red flags just to see the good in people.
Red flags are there for a purpose to warn you of the dangers and to walk away.

4. Their behavior and the way they act…
Is sometimes the answer you were blindly looking for the reason to leave.

5. The grass is NOT greener somewhere else…
The grass is GREEN where you water it.

6. If you are a giver… KNOW your limits.
Because TAKERS don’t. They just keep on taking.

7. Live in the now because you may not have a tomorrow.
Enjoy your NOW, Live in your Now, never take for granted your NOW.